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Sarwat Kaluby

Owner of Kaluby's Dance Club

“After dancing for the top companies in the world, I asked, "well, what’s next?'”
– Sarwat Kaluby

Sarwat Kaluby started dancing at the age of seven in Cairo, Egypt at the Academy of Art and was classically trained by the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow and the Kirov (Mariinsky) Theatre in St. Petersburg where he received his BA and MA in choreography. As a teenager, he trained in Russia with top world performers such as Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Sarwat received the Bronze Medallion in the “Second World Competition” in Japan and has danced with many ballet and Ballroom companies including: the Paris Opera House, the Royal Ballet in Great Britain, the Metropolitan Opera House (New York), the New York City Ballet, and the American Ballroom Theater, traveling to Egypt, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, and France. Afterwards, he decided to land his feet in Jacksonville, Florida (USA).
The logical step for him was to stop dancing and start teaching.
Sarwat has owned and directed seven dance studios and five major championships since, including the very successful Jacksonville, Florida studio located on Southside Boulevard, Kaluby’s Dance Club.
Sarwat coaches and choreographs for some of the world’s leading couples and is also a world renowned adjudicator and examiner.
Sarwat is the competition organizer of the Jacksonville Star Ball and the First Coast Classic DanceSport Championships and the co-organizer of the Atlanta Open along with Sam Sodano and Debbie Avalos Kusumi.

Our Staff

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Kadrit Juur

Hailey Peterson

Callie Baker

Rosendo Fumero

Resident Coach


Rachel Atkinson

Guest Coach

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